The Glen Edith name was first established as hotel and restaurant overlooking Irondequoit Bay on Lake Ontario.  Up until the late part of the century, it stood as a symbol of hospitality, community and quality. It was a place for friends and families to gather and enjoy each other’s company surrounded by the unique beauty of our region.

While rummaging through a local antique shop in 2009, a group of friends found the original sign that had once been proudly displayed on the late restaurant.  These friends decided to purchase the brand and not let the now 120+ year old name fade away.  The hope, in choosing such an important historical name was to preserve the rich history and culture that has influenced our city, Rochester, NY.  

We are a group of family and friends that do what we love in order to bring people together around kitchen tables, coffee bars, campfires, and everywhere in between. We strive to support our local community and build relationships so that it may continue to flourish and grow.  By roasting coffee we also aim to achieve togetherness, not just in Rochester NY, but globally as we make partnerships with farmers all over the world. We make it our goal to learn about the farmers and the regions where our coffee is grown. We are committed to roasting in a way that will highlight each coffee’s natural and unique characteristics.