Guatemala Quiché, Joyabaj

We're excited to present to you this wonderful Guatemalan coffee that is making our baristas' ears perk up!  We're getting a lot of crisp fruits like pear and peach, along with some floral notes.  A bit of info about the farm is below, but don't let the name of the farm confuse you-- the farm is called Panama, but this is indeed a Guatemalan coffee.

The farm Panama is located in the southern part of volcano Atitlán at an altitude of 1,400 masl and has multiple varietals ranging from Catuai and Caturras to Geisha.

The farm was established in 1936 by Owen Smith.  He worked on the farm for 50 years and mostly had macadamia, rubber, and cinchona.  The farm was then acquired by Agratisa in 1985, who then characterized in pioneering the establishment of new crops while using modern techniques for production and sustainability.

The farm has 1,500 hectares where we can currently find the production of natural rubber, coffee, macadamia, avocado, bee honey, bamboo, cinchona, and mangosteen.  These are all ideal crops for their climate and micro-climates.

We roast on Thursdays and ship Thursdays and Fridays.  Our goal is to ship you the freshest coffee possible.