Nitro Cold Brew in a 12oz can - Glen Edith Coffee Roasters


NOW AVAILABLE at any Glen Edith Coffee retail location, BXCR Donuts, and an expanding list of fine retail establishments near you!  

Over the past year and a half we have been perfecting our process.  Our cold brew coffee is specifically roasted and brewed to be served cold. It is infused with nitrogen to create a creamy, yet smooth texture.

This product is only pure black cold brew coffee and contains no added dairy, sugar or additives.  This coffee also works extremely well as a cocktail mixer.

You can enjoy our nitro cold brew straight from the can, or if you want to see the cascading nitrogen bubbles, turn the can upside down and empty the contents into a clear glass. Click here to order!

We sell these in our shops by the can or by the 6-pack. We also sell them by the case to our wholesale partners. If you're interested in buying by the case, feel free to contact our wholesale department at