Many coffee farmers spend their whole lives working alongside their families for mere pennies on the dollar. Glen Edith seeks out direct trade (farmer to roaster) relationships that ensure the farmer gets fair wages. In turn, when the farmer receives better wages, they are able to live better as well as produce a higher quality product. On average, there are 15 steps in the coffee process before you drink a hot cup. There are farmers, mills, co-ops, shipping companies, commodity traders, storage companies, labeling, roasting, distribution, etc.

We have direct relationships with some of the best coffee farmers in the world. We have taken the time to learn about our farmers and we are knowledgeable about each step in our process. This scale of knowledge ensures a socially responsible and delicious cup of coffee. We are excited about coffee, and we love when we are able to share that excitement with our wholesale customers.

We roast all of our coffee right here in Rochester, NY using a Probat roasting machine and SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) roasting standards. Rather than labeling our coffee as “light roast” or “dark roast”, we focus on the specific coffee, where it is grown, and how it is processed. We then alter our roasting style to suit that coffee and highlight it’s inherent strengths. Our supply chain is stable and scalable and we are able to handle large volume orders. 

We have spent countless hours cupping and brewing coffee and we have partnered with some of the worlds best coffee growers and we would love to pass on our discounts and quality to your organization. In addition, we have partnerships with our vendors for brewing gear and training, so we can also trick you out with an awesome setup. Please contact us and let us know what your needs are.