Nitro Cold Brew Cans

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This product is for pickup only.  If you plan to pick up, DO NOT pay for shipping!  Be sure to select "local pickup" and our production team will e-mail you when your order is ready for pickup. 

We sell this product by the can at our retail shops and at many other fine establishments around Rochester and Western NY.  If you're looking to order your own cans, you came to the right place.


Cold Brew.  It's coffee, but it never touches hot water.  The beans we use for this process are roasted a specific way to be brewed cold.  We infuse each can with nitrogen to create a creamy, smooth texture.

This product is only pure black cold brew coffee and contains no added dairy, sugar or additives.  Also works extremely well as a cocktail mixer.

You can enjoy our nitro cold brew straight from the can, or if you want to see the cascading nitrogen bubbles, turn the can upside down and empty the contents into a clear glass.

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