Brazil - Alto da Serra

This is the first Brazilian coffee we’ve released onto our menu in about three years!

There’s a HUGE bergamot note in this flavor profile.  You’d think you were drinking earl grey tea if it weren’t for the body offered by the vanilla note.  Not to mention the hint of raspberry thanks to the natural processing.  All these flavors come together to make one of the most interesting cups we’ve found since we began roasting in 2014.

This naturally processed coffee comes from the farm Alto Da Serra which sits on the Illicinea cliffs, which overlook the Cerrado savanna (the Cerrado is sort of the Amazon of Brazil, criminally overlooked as a biodiversity hotspot).

This comes from a micro-lot on Hudson Vilela and Valdeci Domingos’ farm, only yielding 22 bags.  Great care was taken with this micro-lot, to the point of planting tall trees around it to protect these coffee plants from high winds.

Country of origin: Brazil

Region: Illicinea

Farm: Alto da Serra

Farmer: Hudson Vilela & Valdeci Domingos

Altitude: 1320 masl

Process: Natural

Flavor Profile: Raspberry, Bergamot, Vanilla


We roast all of our online orders on Tuesdays and ship on Wednesdays.